Does acupuncture actually helps fertility?

Acupuncture for fertility

Fertility and acupuncture:

In recent years many couples across the world are taking acupuncture treatment for fertility problem. As we know it’s more reliable, less expensive and most of all it has a holistic past background. That makes it seem like more effective.

Moreover, doctors pose a different opinion about it. They say that acupuncture alone itself can’t solve all of the infertility issues.

It has to be taken alongside other treatments, but it can surely solve some of the problems. Also results of pregnancy increases more if we take acupuncture before few months of IVF process.

What infertility is:

Infertility is a situation where a married couple doesn’t conceive even after trying for a whole year. There are several causes behind infertility.

Both female and male can be infertile. Poly cystic ovary syndrome is mainly the cause of it in women’s case. Other causes are blocked Fallopian tubes, uterus problem, age, stress etc. Almost 12% of women are infertile.

It is an ancient method

Acupuncture is an old Chinese method. This method consists equipment such as ultra-thin needles.

Chinese practitioners of this method say that we have a certain type of energy flow in our body which plays a vital role in both physical and mental health.

They even say that inserting needles on our body in certain areas can trigger our energy flow both and make our body work in various ways in some specific situations

How it helps:

Acupuncture can’t really help alone for serious infertility problems. But It doesn’t mean it’s of no use. Acupuncture helps minor infertility issues by doing these:

  1. Increasing the blood flow in reproductive organs
  2. Relieving stress
  3. Balancing re productive hormones

There are 12 points throughout the body where the needles usually go if the session is for infertility treatment. Also you might need at least three or four sessions if it each week for better result. There is a fixed time period for this procedure.

You have to take it for a fixed time of pregnancy. People usually take this therapy for 3 months of their pregnancy as it is the most crucial time of pregnancy. It also avoids chronic miscarriage.

Acupuncture can really help in fertilization if it’s taken with other treatment such as IVF or egg transfer procedure. It’s better to take acupuncture three or four months before IVF (in vitro fertilization).

As acupuncture already increases blood flow and balances hormones so it gets easier for IVF to work faster and more effectively. If you take acupuncture while going through IVF, starting between days 6 and 8 of follicle stimulation you can get effective results. It increases the pregnancy percentage by 2%.

Even though acupuncture has effective benefits, it’s yet hasn’t got doctors approval. Many doctors still don’t suggest acupuncture as the ultimate treatment for infertility. They only suggest it as a complimentary or side therapy to fasten the conceive process.

There are no conclusive evidences to prove that acupuncture really works for infertility. It doesn’t heal the major disease which causes infertility called poly cystic ovaries syndrome.

Even in 2016 doctors ran some test and came with no solid proofs of it healing male infertility problems. Which means acupuncture doesn’t help male infertility problems at all

Few pre cautions you have to take:

People might think some similar treatment to acupuncture such as sham treatment might work too, but actually it’s not true. Rather acupuncture is far better than sham treatment.

Doctors also don’t suggest people to go for orthodox treatments. Because infertility problem has better and more effective solution in modern science than orthodox treatments. So people should stop trusting all of those fake facades.

Acupuncture has least amount of risks. So you all should stay rest assured. There are some small risks you should know about though. Such as,

  1. Bleeding, bruises or patches at the pierced area
  2. Infections from unsterilized needles
  3. Excessive bleeding if the person has clotting disorder (this is rarest)

Major risks don’t exist in acupuncture. So you can trust on this therapy completely.

When people take acupuncture doctors suggest some certified acupuncturist. A certified acupuncturist is aware of all the risks. He/she would also use good equipment such as sterilized nontoxic and labeled as single use needles.

Also he/she would be careful while performing the session. A licensed certified acupuncturist is a must as if you are planning to take this therapy.

If you are taking acupuncture for infertility then you have to keep few other things in mind. Acupuncture is quite less expensive than other fertility treatments.

Still you have to be aware of the prices. Because it’s a long term process so eventually the expenses can get difficult to take care of. One session of acupuncture can cost $130.

Sometimes it can even cost up to thousand too differing from how many sessions you are taking. Many life insurance companies don’t even cover it, so you better check your policies before taking this treatment.

Lastly you have to know:

Acupuncture is a really effective treatment for fertility, however we still have to keep this in mind that it’s actually a complimentary treatment to increase the results of other main treatments.

It alone can never solve all of your infertility problems. Also, if you have reached a certain age, not even acupuncture can help fastening the results of other treatment.

As a conclusion we can say it’s a good side treatment alongside IVF. You all should take this for better results in your infertility treatment.

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