Acupuncture for Back Pain: Does It Really Works?

acupuncture for back pain

Chronic back pain and acupuncture:

Many people are taking acupuncture for back pain for quite long a time now. It effects are really remarkable. According to some ratios almost half of the back pain patients take this treatment for their back pain.

Chronic back pain is one of the most common health problems in the world. On the other hand, acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment method.

For many years’ people have been taking acupuncture therapy for their back pain. Many doctors suggest it too. However people shouldn’t consider this as their ‘last resort’ option.

Before knowing about the treatment we must know about some basic facts about back pain. Back pain is a common problem for almost all the adults. 80% of adults have faced this problem for at least once in life.

It’s mainly caused by sprain or strain. Sometimes sitting on a chair for too long or leading an idle life can also cause back pain.

Severe causes such as traumatic injury, sciatica or tumor can also cause back pain.

What is acupuncture:

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy for almost 25,000 years. It involves inserting thin needles to certain points of our body. Acupuncture therapy practitioners believe that human body has all over 2000 points which creates a pathway of energy flow called “qi” (Chee in Chinese).  If we can stimulate or control them somehow we can not only reduce back pain but also solve a lot of health issues.

Some points of acupuncture for back pain are;

1. Back of the knee.
2. Feet.
3. Lower back.
4. Stomach.
5. Hips.

Also some other points are neck, head, and upper back for upper back pain

Scientific theories about how it works:

A brief scientific explanation of this method hasn’t come yet. A lot of doctors still managed to give their own theories about how acupuncture could works.

Many well famous as well as non-famous doctors say that inserting needles to our bodies in certain points can stimulate our nervous system.
Some of the ways are;

1. It triggers our nervous system. As a result, our nervous system sends signals to some of our organs such as brain, spinal cord etc. to release some sort of chemicals. It helps reducing the pain.

2. It also increases the amount of the release of certain pain relieve chemicals. Which naturally occur in our body. It just fastens the process of pain relief.

3. It triggers some of the neuro transmitters to shut off pain.

Mostly people go through acupuncture therapy for back pain. Still it helps us to recover from various other health issues as well. Some of them are;

1. Headache.

2. Post-surgery recovery.


4. Sciatica, etc.

So we can see that we only go through for back pain, but as a result we can get a lot of other benefits from it. It’s even is regarded as a spiritual method of having control over your body. So we can feel a peaceful and spiritual aura around us after this treatment.

It’s better than other alternative treatments:

Some people think “sham” treatment is better than actual acupuncture for back pain. Because people think sham treatment is more of a spiritual treatment.

Mostly people often trust holistic things more than usual, but in reality acupuncture is as effective as sham treatment. Science also has more trust worthy proofs for it.

On the contrary, orthodox sham treatment doesn’t have much scientific explanation. Doctors prefer both of the technique equally though.

It barely has side effects

Acupuncture barely has any side effects, however piercing in skin with thin needle cause minor injuries. Some are bruises, marks on skin sometimes a little bit bleeding.

They aren’t major so we shouldn’t worry about it. Major side effects such as infections in organs are pretty rare.

There are still some things you should be cautious about. As like:

1. Talk to your acupuncturist if you’re pregnant or wear a pacemaker.

2. Make sure you inform your doctor and acupuncturist if you have bleeding disorder. Because then they have to keep certain things in mind while treating you.

Some pre cautions you should take

Before taking acupuncture you should inform your doctor about it. So that he can explain you the whole procedure. He can even give you contacts of a certified acupuncturist for your betterment.

Acupuncture mostly costs from $60 to $130 each session. So you need to think about cost issue as well before taking this therapy. You even have to keep in mind that many life insurance companies don’t even cover it.

Few last words:

Acupuncture is a long term process. So you need to be patient when you’re going through this therapy. You may even feel really well after only the first session.

But in reality, you’re back pain hasn’t completely gone. Pain can return any time and then you might need another session of it. you always have to keep in mind that acupuncture isn’t a cure. It’s just a therapy for long term relieve

Acupuncture is holistic ancient method which barely has any side effects. It is a long term process but really effective. You have to keep certain things in mind before taking this.

At the end we can say, acupuncture for back pain is and will always be one of the most famous and effective treatment.

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