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About Acupuncturist Dublin

Who we are

Acupuncturist Dublin was founded in 2010. The treatments are rapidly gaining popularity as a gentle and natural form of medicine. The practitioners are Doctors of Chinese Medicine only, not physicians, and treat only within their scope of care.

The acupuncture degree is Health Science, that means we tend to receive exhaustive education on each Western medication and Chinese medication views of health care.

Additionally, many of Dublin acupuncturist have gained academic degree in fields like Chinese Herbal Medicine. Dublin Acupuncturist often consult with different types of specialists when we believe that another medical diagnosis or treatment modality may be required. Fortunately, different types of people are also referring us which helps our patients receive a successful treatment plan.

We welcome you to our service and look forward to helping you feel healthy, naturally.



These are some common treatments that we provide

relax yourself

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at one time or another. If you have already experienced it then we are here to make yourself relax, focus and stay calm.

Loose your body

Facing difficulties in your body muscles? We can fix your muscle soreness, release your tight muscle so that you can play with your kids again.

glow your skin

Want to know ancient beauty secret? Facial acupuncture is the only treatment that can reduce wrinkles, calms inflammation, boosts collagen, relaxes your whole face for a more beautiful you.

pain room

We can relieve you from different types of pain such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, migraine etc.

ladys house

We care for woman’s health. We are with you if you want to get pregnant, have pain-free periods or premenstrual syndrome


Without proper sleeping you can’t think about a good day. Sleeping problems such as insomnia, sleep disturbance etc can be healed.

become healthy

We can help you to solve your regular health issues, like digestion, gas problem, constipation, dysentery etc.

Happy Patients

Some patients who took service from us. They feel really happy.

"Acupuncture was a saving grace. It helps more than anything else I tried. Everyone with endometriosis should give acupuncture a shot, at least once."
Molly Qerim
Dublin, Ireland
"Im afraid of needles, except acupuncture needles."
Catherine O'Hara
Dublin, Ireland

Why Choose Acupuncturist Dublin?

  • Acupuncturist Dublin combines the medical precision with the calm, relaxing atmosphere of a tranquil oasis, to give you a truly unique experience.
  • At Acupuncturist Dublin you can trust your treatment will be administered by registered and licensed Acupuncturist.
  • We are compassionate and highly trained to make sure you are fully informed of your treatment plan.
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Acupuncturist Dublin

Acupuncturist Dublin was formed in July 2010. We find the perfect acupuncturist for you based on your needs.We are here to help you when you find yourself in need of an urgent acupuncturist in Dublin.

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70 Santry Ave, Forestwood Ave, Northside, Dublin 9, Ireland.